Customer (FAQ)

1. Do you have legal permission to install?
Since the beginning of this project, we have been working in conjunction with your Town Hall in Benahavis and have their authorisation to install the whole of Los Arqueros and then we will expand our activities to service all areas in all the Costa del Sol.

2. How do I know which service is best for me?
When you process your order the second step is to talk with one of our team who can advise you on the best package to suit your individual requirements. We cater for all users from part time light usage to professional use.

3. Is your service Fibre end to end?
Yes we insist on Fibre all the way- there are no shortcuts, no copper, no adsl and no wi-fi links in our main carrier network.

4. If I order 20Mb will I get 20MB or will it be like adsl where peak times it is reduced and very slow?
No, what you order is what you get FibreKable Internet connects you to the World Wide Web at significantly higher speeds than any other method of Internet connection. It also enables multiple persons to use different devices at the same time without interruption. With our Fibre Optic packages there is no limit on the amount of data you can download and get exactly what you pay for.

5. Does Fibrekable work with IPTV services?
Yes, it is perfect for streaming, downloading or any other high demand internet activity.

6. When do I pay for my installation?
When you order your Fibre Optic Account, we go through the various packages and then we take the payment over the phone for your installation.

7. Do you offer flexible use?
Absolutely FibreKable offers full flexibility on connection speeds and your personal usage requirements. Our flexible terms mean you can switch on and switch off if that is what suits you. There are many benefits from using FibreKable as the choice of service is very flexible.

8. Do I need to have land line with TELEFONICA/MOVISTAR?
No, our technology and our network is our own net and independent, and is designed to provide the user with Internet services and of course telephone (if the customer requires it), then you can unsubscribe by TELEFÓNICA/MOVISTAR thus the saving that this entails. In some cases when it is not even possible to have telephone or Internet line with Telefonica, we, FibreKable Telecom can provide solutions.

9. How can I keep my phone number if I switch to Fibrekable?
Yes. We handle the portability of your current phone number, regardless of the operator in which it is.

10. Is my phone compatible with your line?
Yes. Fibrekable telephone line service is perfectly compatible with the conventional analog Terminal. No matter that it is old, new, wireless, etc…

11.Will the fax work? And the PIN pad? And the button of tele-assistance for the elderly?
Sí, nuestra línea de teléfono es normal y compatible con todos los servicios habituales.

12. Why don´t you sell telephones?
In Fibrekable, we install land lines. However we do not provide, sell, or rent telephone terminals, since the line is completely normal and compatible with any old or modern analog phone and we understand that telephone handsets are something very personal in terms of taste and functionality (wired, wireless, with keys large colors, with function duo or trio, voicemail, etc) and their market price is ridiculous, ther are from €10. In Fibrekable it seems not honest to charge you fees for what you can manage yourself.

13. If I do not have a land line will you provide me with one?
Yes, of course. If you need it we will provide you a new number free of charge, it is a normal prefix number. Calling from your new number will cost as of a so-called national land line from any operator.

14. How do I unregister from my former operator?
We manage the portability but only the holder of the contract has legal capacity to solve it. Therefore, it should be you who gets in contact with your previous operator to process the unregistration once the portability is granted and carried out successfully.

15. What happens if I exceed the minutes included in my fee?
Excess of calls exceeding the bonus included in your product will be billed according to the current rate. You can check the rates on our website.

16. Can I play online with Fibrekable connection?
Indeed, Fibrekable technology takes the user to an Internet service of the highest quality with a delay of latency (ping) between 18 and 65ms (depending on the destination). This figure is significantly lower than the best that it can provide any ADSL, making our connections suitable for network games.

17.Is there limit of discharge with Fibrekable connection? And speed descents?
No, there is no limit. Our connections are 24 h and no download limit. In addition, all ports and IP services are open. In no case we reduce your c speed connection because there is no limit.

18. Are all open ports?
Yes, our service is completely transparent, not blocking any port or service that is available on the Internet.

19. Can anyone steal my connection?
No, equipments installed have associated security parameters being technically impossible that someone intercepts the signal you receive.

20. How many devices can I connect?
Our typical installation is one port. This means that you can connect a computer directly. But also if you want to connect more than one device at a time you can use the wifi router (neutral router).

21. Does my old router work?
Yes, if it is a neutral router. If, on the contrary, it is a DSL router that connects to the telephone wire, then it is likely not to work. In any case, when our technicians attend the installation you can show them your old router and, if it is compatible, they will install it free of charge.

22. How much speed do you guarantee?
Our speed is real and constant, ensuring full speed all the time. If you detect less speed than 10% of the contracted please inform us and we will open an incidence so our technicians solve it without any cost.

23. How long does it take to activate my service?
Once the installation is complete, technicians will leave you fully functional your Internet connection.

24. How can I check my bills and consumption?
Currently you can request this information to, and soon you may consult and download your invoices and view their consumption directly from our website, in the section of ‘ access to customers ‘.

25. If you install me the service at the middle of the month do I have to pay the full month?
No. It will start to be invoiced from the date of the installation that matches the signature of the contract.

Always remember that if you have more questions please contact us.