Fiber Optic 20Mb

Service TEMPO20

Optical Fiber 20Mb

Monthly fee: 30€

(36,30€ vat included)

Fiber Optic 50Mb

Service TEMPO50

Optical Fiber 50Mb

Monthly fee: 40€

(48,40€ vat included)

Fiber Optic 100Mb

Service TEMPO100

Optical Fiber 50Mb

Monthly fee: 55€

(66,55€ vat included)

Fiber Optic 200Mb

Service TEMPO200

Optical Fiber 200Mb

Monthly fee: 65€

(78,65€ vat included)

No Permanency Solutions – General Conditions

The best offer in the Costa del Sol, get fiber optics without permanency, pay for the service during the months of usage and also all in an invoice, fiber optic, national and international land line calls and International Television. How does the NO PERMANENCE service work? As easy as counting 1,2,3:

  1. Enable or disable the service just when you need it; (minimum 1 month connection).
  2. Connection and Disconnection has to be informed with one week´s notice.
  3. Enjoy!!!


Fibrekable Telecom offers quality and high speed for your home connection, get connected to the internet with fiber optics without permanency from 20 MB to 200 MB.


In Fibrekable Telecom, as your  Internet Provider , we offer you warranty  that is under the legal regulations in Spain.


VoIP service calls(Voice over Internet Protocol) through the internet connection of Fibrekable Telecom including a package of free calls to national and international landlines. For more details on rates and packages see business conditions of telephony.


Soon we will begin to offer a complete service of contents of channels of international TV.


Applies  the traffic management practices designed to prevent any subscriber (client) to make excessive use of network resources and to guarantee every customer a “fair share” of network capacity. Some policies only apply during periods of heavy network traffic, while others apply more generally.


We deliver fiber optics FTTH to your home, all packages include a premium wireless router and the cost to start proceeding is 175€.


Registration Fee of 175€ due to the fact of the lack of permanency in this case. Freedom for your pay per use system.

RESPONSE to INCIDENCES 365 days a year.

The incident resolution will take place at the earliest and always time will be less than 72 hours from the reception of the incidence by mail at