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The website of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. (from now on: the Web) has been made for informational purposes to its users, who have information that is free and available to everyone without having to pay any amount at any time access. It is about this environment especially, that which FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. wishes to establish the conditions and limitations of use, that extends and adds in all the terms complementary and not contradictory to cover other parts of the web subject to General and/or particular conditions. Even “Particular Conditions” if necessary for specific services. These latest “Particular Conditions” shall be made available to the user in a reliable way by any means and endorsed specifically by the user, until both parties consider them accepted and act accordingly.


The content and the information which the user  may access via the web, mainly through the search engine or within the area reserved for registered users, are property of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. You can display this information for personal, informational and non-commercial uses. But it is forbidden to copy, distribute, perform, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any information that you extract from the web of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. and especially the user´s search engine.

FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. carries out specific changes in information, inserting watermarks with encryption technology, which do not alter the content or meaning of the same in any degree, but which allow the detection of illegal marketing of its database and the source of such trades, as well as the date and IP extraction. FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. may prove the illegal capture of information and, therefore, required penalties criminalized in the penal code regarding the misappropriation of databases.


Intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and icons visible in the Web of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. are exclusive property of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. or if any of the entity or collective that it has authorised their inclusion. The content and format are protected by the laws in force of national and international scope. Interested usage of any content that is on the website of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. is absolutely prohibited, unless there is a written license.


FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. privacy policy aims to meet the most current legislation for the protection of personal data. Any questions in this regard, as well to exercise your right of opposition, rectification or cancellation of your data in our databases should reliably identify and contact by writing to: FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L., C / DEIFONTES, PARCELA R-230-B.18220.ALBOLOTE.GRANADA, or phone: 958 998 100, or via the E-mail address:

FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L will not use your information without your permission except for your email address, when needed, to have a conversation that is initiated by you, as well as to facilitate, to the extent possible and without being obliged at any time to do this, a way in which to manage their own information and services. By using the Web you are authorizing us to store the trace left by your IP address with the purpose of managing systems, improve the effectiveness of the Web and make global statistical studies as well as the measure of security and to respond to injunctions if the case. The user has the possibility to accept or reject “cookies” by configuring your browser to do so. In that case, it is possible that some of the functionalities of the web do not work properly. Occasionally, the authorization is sought in the form in which data are collected to send you news about the service of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. and/or third parties, and promptly perform surveys to determine the level of satisfaction of the users of the service.

FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L., in its capacity as owner and Manager of the Web, may not sell or rent its list of users and contact details, to third organizations even if it is possible that within the communications that directly are incorporated information from third organizations FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. understands are of special interest to the user, and may oppose this treatment at any time according to our privacy policy.



FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. is not responsible for damages caused by defects or bad configurations of software installed on the computer of the user, transmission failures and defects of the software manufacturer. This website is prepared by default to be viewed in any browser with standard operating systems, FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. is not responsible for the lack of display and/or relevant information that may occur due to the possible combination of browsers and/or custom operating systems and/or modifications and pluggins.

You are solely responsible for what happens in your own equipment, and should take appropriate security measures to protect the information therein, to avoid loss or damage caused by downloads from the Web on the information which the user can be accessed via the web, due to the different sources of obtaining it and its process of recording FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. does not guarantee the absolute correctness of the same and therefore the user shall not require any responsibility for damages arising out of errors in the information provided.


FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L. may change these conditions at any time, although it is not intended to be frequent, publishing on this page dates of amendments and coming into force immediately. Leaving legislative change or judicial resolution if applicable a part of these terms and conditions, such clauses will be void, but the others are perfectly valid and shall remain in force. The fact of continuing to use our website means that you accept these terms and agree to accept the modifications made to them to check this page frequently. If you do not accept these conditions, you must not continue visiting the website of FIBREKABLE TELECOM S.L


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