Most of Marbella´s fixed broadband offerings include a line of landline calls, that having a mobile line, for many it is not necessary. In general, operators included in this line national calls from landline to landline services completely free and without limits, but this bonus is not included in the most economical fares. And according to studies in the field of telecommunications, would eliminate more than half of consumer landline voice service for the corresponding reduction of its cost, so we at Fibrekable, have decided that the phone is optional and if you hire it, we offer you a bonus of 500 minutes of national and international calls, more information about calls.

What is the internet offer in Marbella? If I do not receive fiber optic, would I contract ADSL? Or 4 G or Wimax or RadioFibre? In areas of the Costa del Sol, Benahavis, Marbella and Estepona in which fiber optic coverage does not arrive, there are several alternatives.

Advantages as a substitute for ADSL mobile Internet

Home rates for Mobile internet offer independent services to navigate in mobility from tablet or computer despite being based on the same technology for the internet connection, when we talk about home rates, these are much more generous in terms of traffic limits even at the expense of other conditions such as the exclusive use in the WiFi router which is provided by the operators for this service, permanency or the compulsory purchase of the router whose details we will see later in the comparison.

Provided that the limits of traffic conform to your needs, since the main problem that provides 4G of all large companies is that it is limited to navigation and downloads from 30 Gb to 50 Gb. The advantages, a mobile connection for the home activation is instant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4G at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 4G at home

Services ‘ 4 G at home ‘ of these companies

AMENA offers 4G at home services, but limited only to 40 GB of navigation at full speed with monthly fee for a price of 29.95 euros per month with VAT already included, and without commitment to stay. Does not have land line fee monthly fee, but you do have an initial payment of 59 euros for the purchase of the 4 G with WiFi router, and the corresponding cost of shipping that is 6-9 euros. You only need a Plug and 4 G coverage.

ORANGE Home Services, however, has a price of 34,95 EUR a month except the first quarter, with a promotion of 26.21 euros per month and includes 18,15 EUR as the cost of registration fee and a  router 4 G device for the connection. It has the same coverage and speed of navigation within a maximum of 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload, but in this case ORANGE 4 G is also limited to 35 GB of navigation that are offered at maximum speed, and also involves the payment of a fee of line as fixed broadband services. A product that also has a permanency of 12 months.

Vodafone´s same service is priced at 37,20 EUR per month during the first six months with 30 Mb maximum download speed and up to 3 Mb in upload. In addition to this, includes a mobile line with 1 GB to browse the Internet and free calls to landlines with a bonus of 350 minutes per month for calls to national mobile phones. At this rate, with the previous price already included of land line share, land lines subsequently joined this original release. With VODAFONE navigation shall be limited to a maximum of 50 GB per month either 3 G or 4 G with excess data at 128 Kbps and is compatible with data lines (multiSIM) or with extra bonus megas or service which allows you to keep browsing at high speed once surpassed the included traffic.

MOVISTAR is the most expensive of these options based on 4G, with a share of 47.50€ / month, since as also occurs in Vodafone, land line is included necessarily with the consequent increase in the fee, although while in Orange and Vodafone there is a permanency of 12 months, Movistar and Amena, do not have. A very important detail that you can see in the table, is that Movistar offers less speed than other alternatives of 4 G. Note that landline including MoviStar, the terminal must be connected to the router and not the traditional rosette. As for the router in rental mode, you will not have any added monthly cost but if the service needs to be returned it will apply a penalty of 290 euros (VAT included).

RadioFibra as a substitute for ‘ 4 G at home ‘ and Wimax

Internet in Marbella, alternatives without Fibre Optic: Fibrekable RadioFibre in Marbella based on licensed band rates, offer an alternative to the low speed of the ADSL, the lack of fibre, connection problems and stability of internet connections via radio with band-based Wimax (very very saturated in the Costa del Sol) and 4G-based connections.

Download limit. With RadioFibre you can download as much as you want, this is not so with the 4 G. Many times, the price offer is determined by the amount of navigation and downloads that you can consult at full speed. Once you consume your 4G data, normally you are not charged for more for additional megas. But the speed is reduced to the 2G (between 64 and 128 Kb/s). This means, for example, waiting for about two minutes for a web page to be loaded.

Coverage. The 4G coverage is still very limited to large cities. If you live in a small town, it is likely that you don’t have 4 G and don’t browse faster than that with an ADSL, with Fibrekable and it´s Radiofibre navigation is much faster 20 Mb and 30 Mb.

Stability. While in RadioFibre we speak of licensed band, Wimax or 4 G mobile connections in free band waves are shared with thousands others. So if many people suddenly use the 4G in your area or many users and radios use the same free band of Wimax that provides you with internet, your connection will slow down.


Internet in Marbella, what to do if no optical fiber reaches my home area? Ultimately, the ADSL offers unlimited navigation at low speed, while the 4G offers faster speed than ADSL, but limited to browsing and downloads. The best choice in Marbella to enjoy high speed internet without fiber optic is Fibrekable´s RadioFibre, speaking about 4 G, it offers unlimited downloads and faster than the 4 G and ADSL. It offers more speed and above all greater stability than other companies of Wimax in the Costa del Sol. If you want to contact us please call 951 490 200 or send us an email to Marbella, alternatives without fiber optic Internet: Fibrekable!